Week 4 – Working on this adventure

This week has been interesting. Some very high points and a couple of low points.

I had a great session with my guide on Tuesday. Really helping me recraft my DMP so that it truly resonates with me. I’m still working on the re-write.

Two late nights contributed to a couple of days of very negative feelings, but I’ve rebounded back to the light!


Week 3 – Wow! Can it keep getting better and better?

This voyage of self-discovery with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) is fabulous. Every day there’s more depth and power and “miracles.”

I’m still working on refining my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). One thing I’m doing this time is making edits almost every time I read it as I gain more clarity in my purpose. This week I’m remembering things that I thought of many years ago about how the world could be a better place and they are tying into what I have been writing in my DMP! It’s comforting to know that I’m coming to believe in what I’ve written more each day.

I’m employing the speed reading lesson and, contrary to what I thought would happen, reading faster is feeding subby more effectively.

I know I’m doing some right because of all the unexpected victories I’m manifesting each day. In two cases it was the discovery that the solution to a major issue was already in place. In another case I was told that a process would take days. It turned out to be hours. And there’s more.

In addition to the habits I’m developing as prescribed in the lessons, I’m developing good habits in other areas of my life without really trying.

This is only the third week. I can’t wait to see what is ahead in the coming weeks!

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Week 2 – Off To a Good Start

This week I have been much better at sticking to the program even though I’ve been working 12-hour days to meet some deadlines and make up for the 4 weeks I was not in the office. Three weeks’ vacation and one week at a conference in San Francisco – with only two work weeks between. All told I’ve been out of the office 4 of the last 8 weeks.

I finally submitted the first draft of my DMP and I feel very good about it. I’ve already gotten useful comments from my guide.

My girlfriend says that the universe is my enabler. This week it has kicked into a higher gear.

  • I received three unexpected checks totaling over $1,600
  • I discovered that there’s another $600+ that was erroneously withheld from by paychecks this year
  • Distracting friends are out of the picture
  • Ideas have been flowing at work
  • People at work, including my current and former managers, are validating my approach to a major project
  • The working group of stakeholders whom I thought would be difficult to work with are totally inline

Many years ago, when I was an ardent practitioner of Buddhism, we used to call this state being “in rhythm.”

I know that MKMMA is the right thing for me to do because I am already manifesting the law of attraction.

I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!


Week 1 – Let’s Try This Again

This is my second time with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA). Last year I created a very detailed DMP that, over time, I came not to believe in. I did not finish the course.

I have been associated with multiple network marketing programs over the last four years. In every case they stressed find your “why.” The sponsors had great examples of whys. Things like pay for their kids college education, pay off their mortgage, fire their boss, etc.

None of these things resonated with me so I never worked any of those opportunities seriously. My excuse was “I don’t have a why.”

This year, the class started when I was out of town at the week long Salesforce.com Dreamforce conference. It was a very busy week!

During the week a number of events showed me my why:

  • Tuesday during a keynote speech by Marc Benioff he highlighted PepUp Tech, an organization that gives motivated, underserved students the access, skills, mentors, and confidence needed to begin careers in tech and help diversify the industry. I was highly moved.
  • That afternoon, while touring the Trailblazer hall, I happened to look over a hedge (it’s all decked out like a park) and I saw a group of kids in a classroom setting learning about Salesforce.
  • Wednesday at a gathering to support  Wigs for Kids I met a woman who is also in the business of supporting education.

At each of these moments I teared up.

When I told my girlfriend about this I cried out loud because I was so moved.

I have found my “why.” I want to help education. This could be financially or by volunteering. Now I can write a meaningful DMP.